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Through The Eye Of An Elephant Donation Fee $150

Have you ever wondered how an elephant sees, hears, smells and feels the world? Or what emotions and intellect we share with these big brained, social mammals? This is a one off adventure into the mind, body and soul of an elephant.

Immerse yourself in the journey our expert elephant carers will take you on. They will educate you, engage you and enthral you. You’ll be able to get up close, meet some of the remarkable personalities in our herd. Discover some of the unique skills and behaviours that make them the amazing creatures they are. Understand first hand some of their super-mammal powers. Then watch them in their natural environment, playing, bathing, rolling in mud and generally putting on a show at the waterhole!

You will also learn about the many challenges that elephants face in the wild and how you can help. From research projects to elephant conflict mitigation, community engagement and other supported conservation projects. As a charity, Zambezi Elephant Welfare and Conservation Trust (ZEWACT), puts any surplus it has toward projects that will benefit elephants.

You will get the chance to give them a natural treat, learn a little about their individual personalities and what is required to care for and give them the best possible life.

Finally just relax with refreshments and view elephants do what they do, play, browse or interact with others in the herd.

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